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Does human society have a better future? Can the conditions of work, housing, living in harmony with nature change? If you are surrounded by negative answers to the questions asked, think again!

r festival 300x157 - Rethink Festival from 20. - 21. November 2020„Rethink“ festival is on the program from November 20 to 21, and it will try to gather people and create a new community dedicated to practices that differ significantly from the established ones, whether it is the organization of work, housing, or something else.

A few days ago, the first “tea party” (Tea talk) was held on this topic, in which Lukas Fischer and Nikola Burić participated, announcing on Facebook, but also on other social networks, as well as on the website of the “Rethink” Festival ( More details on this link.

“Opportunity to learn”, “change of perspective”, “exchange and connection” are the key words associated with the “Rethink” Festival, which Fischer and Burić agreed on, inviting all interested to join them, and that on 20. and 21 November establish a new community.

Central topic will be new ways of working, with a half-day online workshop on Friday, November 20, while on Saturday, November 21, there will be a series of sessions on the topics of holocracy, sociocracy, self-organization, sense of accomplishment at work…

Over 200 participants, 20 speakers and even 16 hours of working material will make up the “Rethink” Festival program, and you will be able to create and refine it yourself, or simply follow it.

Appearances of Brian Robertson, the creator of idea of a Holocracy as a new form of organizing business structures, as well as Rob Hopkins from the now planetarily recognizable Transition Movement, were announced as the most attractive to the media.

Mastermind of the “Rethink” Festival is the esteemed Lukas Fischer, while the i-dijaspora, led by the CEO Nikola Burić will participate in the organizational team.

Participation is free of charge and there is possibility of a donation.